Human Resources (Hiring) process

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Application 'Hiring process'

Alfresco Community

Alfresco Community Edition is the open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management. It allows organizations to manage any type of content, from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings and large video files.

Common usage includes:


Maven Alfresco SDK - All-in-One Archetype generated multi-module project.

The All-in-One Alfresco project is composed by the following modules:

The project provides support for typical development lifecycle use cases like:

What is AMP

As a general rule of thumb, anything that is considered to be an 'installable' extension to Alfresco should be called a module and packaged as one or more AMP files (best practice is to provide one AMP for the repository tier and another for the Share UI tier). An AMP file can contain as little as a set of custom templates or a new category. It can contain a custom model and associated UI customisations. It could contain a complete new set of functionality.

AMP files can be installed into the Alfresco and Share WAR files using the Module Management Tool.

Sample Human Resources (Hiring) process

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Runing instructions

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